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Shield Conditioner

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Keep your hair healthy, hydrated, and damage-free with GK Hair Shield Conditioner, a healthy . . .
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Keep your hair healthy, hydrated, and damage-free with GK Hair Shield Conditioner, a healthy formula to keep your color-processed hair healthy and vibrant. This Color Protection Conditioner with scientifically backed formula helps to block the harsh sun rays while protecting against split ends, color fading, and dryness. Shield Hair Conditioner features Juvexin that protects the hair from UA/UVA rays and prevents the hair color from fading, and Aloe Vera that locks in moisture to maintain shine and softness in your color-treated hair. It is a Sulphate-Free Conditioner with clean ingredients which offers healthy and protected hair. This feature makes the product one of the best Shield Conditioners in the industry. Buy yours now!

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